Hanna Hats Ear Flap Cap Salt & Pepper

Hanna Hats Ear Flap Cap Salt & Pepper

The Plain Tweed Cap is the style most frequently worn in Ireland and is almost as old as the Hills of Donegal. A beautifully handcrafted cap. It can be worn by young and old, male and female. Consistently our number one seller and available in a selection of tweeds that reflect the natural beauty of Donegal’s rugged countryside.

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  • Sizes Available: Small to XX-Large
  • Colors available in Black Herringbone(77EF21), Brown Herringbone(77EF22), Green Herringbone(77EF23), Blue Herringbone(77EF24), Grey S&P(77EF31), Brown S&P(77EF32), and Moss Green S&P(77EF33)
  • Made in Ireland


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